Our first app released in early 2012, for iOS and  Android mobile platforms, as well as for  Mac and PC computers.
Dream-e has reached 100,000 downloads in the first year, peaking at #1 Lifestyle category on Itunes Japan, and #5 on Amazon App-store for Android. Dream-e is an unconventional Dream analysis that works more like a counselor rather than an app.

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There is a whole Universe inside yourself. This Universe and its dynamics directly – but unknown to you – influence everything you experience in your everyday life: events, feelings, relationships, family, work and career, etc.

SOUL-e is a vehicle to explore this Universe, to map its components and understand its dynamics, gain insight and improve your life.

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SOUL-e Pro

This is a professional platform based on SOUL-e that allows clients to share SOUL-e data with their therapists, and for therapists to manage data from multiple clients. The platform will be released shortly after the release of SOUL-e.

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