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Dream-e is your personal dreaming assistant. Its artificial intelligence is designed to guide you to understand the messages of your dreams, and how to use these messages in order to discover and reconnect with your life’s hidden potential. To better understand how to use Dream-e, please watch the video tutorials  below.

User Reviews

Here are the thoughts of some of our customers:

Stands out

This Dream App stands out from any other app in that it does not give you standardized, off the shelf interpretations of your dream symbols (which may be interesting or fascinating but more often than not don’t lead to any real change or deep insight) but instead engages the user to really delve into the world of experience behind the dream symbol, leading to a real felt sense of exploration and discovery of what the dream means for you, including its practical meaning for your daily life. I loved using this app! It made it much easier to explore my dream (through being guided by the steps and questions) and really deepened my connection with the dream and its meaning for my life and relationships.

N.E.(South Africa) – March 3rd, 2012

More like a confidant than a program

This app is for dream technicians. A very clear, intuitive sequence of dream-field collection questions which acts more like a confidant than a program. Smooth, uninvasive and sensitively arranged, this app brings intelligence and accessibility to your dream world.

Andrew Dunham (England) – February 26,2012

It works!

I love it. I have been using it now for two weeks just to make sure it wasn’t B.S. and it’s totally not. I just wanted you to know I’ve bought other apps for dreams and this one is #1.
Thank you,

Nicole C. (USA) – February 21st, 2012

This is the real deal dream app

The first dream program I like. This is the real deal dream app, it feels empirical like it’s actually helping me personally work with the dream rather than fitting my dream in to a pre-assigned category. I tried entering a dream about my house burning down and it went through this very interesting process that helped me get in touch with that fire and think of how to use what it calls the “essence” of that energy to solve something in my career. I actually think I’ll have a better day now. That dream has been scaring me for 2 days but now I get what it was about and it’s not so scary. I think this is a very successful app, and had no idea this app was in the works. I just sent it on to my family and friends.

Chris A. (USA) – February 11, 2012

Makes a difficult endeavor comfortable

It was very exciting to use tools like Dream-e to discover – often in the same dream – the polarities that were wrestling in my psyche. The recognition and especially the integration of such contrary parts of yourself are not an easy, but with Soul-e as a guide this has become a comfortable endeavor.

Radu. A. (Romania) – February 18th, 2012

I am glad this exists!

I am glad this exists! It feels a bit like the app I’m wanting to invent. Its a good one that will help people who do not have family & friends!

bluepaperone2@***, Aug 31, 2012

Been using it for a while

I have been using Dream-e for a while and I am often surprised by what comes up when I use it. It’s really cool to use it in order to process something unexpected that happens to me during the day as opposed to using it for actual dreams.

Ioan Mitrea, President/CEO at SellerEngine Software, Portland – OR

I am able to move forward with a project after using

I have been using Dream-e, on and off, for a couple of months and really like it what it does. While using Dream-e, I often think of ideas as I interpret my dreams or, a issue I’m dealing with in my life (that’s not a dream). Dream-e can be used both ways, and often I have found I am able to move forward with a project after using the application, which helps me focus on what I need to do next, and what’s blocking me from taking the next step. I recommend this application, in short.!

Marshall Sponder, CEO, Author of Social Media Analytics, at WebMetricsGuru INC, New York – NY

Imaginative concept

The is an extraordinarily imaginative concept, executed in a beautiful way.

Michael Karliner, Board Technology Advisor at yuilop, London – UK

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