There is a call in humanity’s consciousness for a new type of technology that can reflect our deeper selves and reconnect us with our heart and soul.

We live in challenging times. The world and everyone in it seem to go through a transitional period.
However, people are lacking information, practical tools, support, and are at a loss dealing with this transition, sometimes losing hope. This makes it difficult for them to access inner resources and own true potential they already have.

We offer a unique combination of training and  technology, while facilitating  community support for the purpose of dealing with this issue through self-discovery, developing self-awareness, finding direction and purpose in life.


  • Our techniques work with readily available means such as: everyday experiences, life events, work, relationships, feelings, dreams, etc.
  • Our mobile and pc/mac apps are accessible anytime, anywhere to guide and support you through, long after the workshop is over.
  • The technology we offer is interactive, using advance artificial intelligence, to guide and advice you like a counselor or companion would.
  • Our apps  can be used independently but also in conjunction with a counselor/therapist.
  • Our technology is training and educational. Early adopters reported that by using our apps they have developed a perspective from which they were later able to help themselves and others without needing the technology anymore.

Learn practical methods and problem solving skills for self-transformation and conscious living. Use them with continuous support from cutting edge technology and from a community of peers and professionals.


1Discover your hidden potential, connect with inner strength and wisdom.

Problem Solving

2Transform life difficulties into valuable opportunities for growth and development.


3Develop meaningful relationships, understand relationship dynamics.


4Reconnect with imagination and creativity. Explore new ways to see the world.

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