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A different kind of A.I.

Founded in 2012, our mission is to combine artificial intelligence, psychology, art and story-telling in order to provide a one-of-a-kind introspective experience that uplifts the spirit and expands consciousness.
To achieve this we leverage decades of working experience with both people and computers.

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Our Story

In our work we noticed that people felt uplifted whenever they found some deep insight about themselves or their life situation. Things which were unusual or disturbing before, now made sense. This allowed them to embrace their challenges and flow with them. So we asked ourselves, could we do this with technology? After all, you have all the answers within yourself.


Apps, R&D and Technology Licensing

We offer apps and R&D services. We also license our technology to artistic, educational, and commercial enterprises.


Despite its minimalist interface, Dream-e packs a substantial punch for working on your dreams. Released in 2012 and downloaded over 250,000 times, it has received praise from the psychology community and those familiar with the idea of using dreams in order to connect with the deeper self. We also received requests to create something similar for those who are not familiar with psychology or dream analysis, which eventually led to the creation of SOL-minor.

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In an effort to make deep insight and life advice more accessible to the public at large, we re-engineered our approach from the ground using industrial strength machine learning and natural language processing. Since its launch in 2021, SOL-minor has interpreted dreams for more than 40,000 people, and was the dream interpretation a.i. behind the NAKED URANAI experiential art exhibition in Tokyo (2021) and Taipei (2022).

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You don't remember your dreams? Not a problem. Similarly to a video game, Journ-e uses stories and illustrations to take you on an adventure of exploration and discovery of your inner universe. Just like in a dream, you will come face to face with different situations and symbolical images, which will bring up - from your subconscious - the answers, the connection you were looking for.



SOUL-e is a personal life assistant and advisor. It takes what we started with Dream-e and SOL-minor to a new level, by working with life events, feelings, career and relationships among other things. In the tradition of ancient civilisations self-exploration tools, but with a modern A.I. assistant, Soul-e will help you make sense of your inner world and how to live a fulfilling and authentic life.


Commercial application licensing

  • Personal assistants and chat-bots
  • Digital art installations
  • Match-making and recommendation systems
  • Education / Learning
  • Psychologist CRM systems
  • Interested in using our tech in your product?


Founders Team

Adi Andrei

A former NASA computer scientist, Adi has over 25 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science. Before starting Technosophics, he also developed intelligent systems for Philips, Unilever, British Gas, and received many patents and awards for his work.


Hitomi Sakamoto PhD

A clinical psychologist and holistic therapist, Hitomi has over 25 years of experience working with clients and organisations all over Japan, USA, and Europe. She is also the author of the book The Dream Compass - Using Dreams as your Guide , and founder of the Dream Cafe London Meetup .