January 3, 2011
03 Jan 2011

The Universe is a mystery continuously revealing itself

The way to enjoy and participate in this unfolding of the mystery is to stay open and  allow the magic to coexist with reason.

Magic – because we need the feeling of wonder – what we are and what everything is. Reason – well because our mind likes to create models of reality and then play with them. I think this is how this dimension came about. Mind is like A.I. The problem is when we mistake the model for the real thing, like mistaking a map for the real terrain. Then Magic reminds us the truth of the infinite possibilities and holds us back from getting stuck in rigid belief systems.

Magic and Reason are not opposites, but merely two sides of the same coin. If we have one, we have both of them. But if we loose one, we lost them both. It is reasonable to acknowledge the infinite possibilities. It is magical to come up with a structure to enjoy them.

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