January 19, 2012
19 Jan 2012

There’s more to you than your personality

In my opinion, who you are is not your personality, or what you think about yourself.
In order to know who you are you have to expand your current identity to integrate your subconscious or unconscious potential, those parts of you that you may not be very aware of.
At Technosophics we focus on this ‘digging’ into the subconscious in creative ways, to bring up and integrate these disowned parts of ourselves. Then, by giving them  a voice and a role in our lives, we can achieve a more authentic, more rich existence.

January 5, 2012
05 Jan 2012

Bringing in some new energy for the new year

The year 2012 is finally here! The year that has been talked about so much because of the significance the ancient Mayan calendar
places on this period. Whatever the truth, personally it does feel like we are at the end of a cycle and it’s a chaotic phase before the new era takes a clear shape. Rather than feeling doomed about it, I feel it’s an exciting time when people and the world are becoming more and more open to new ways and visions.

In my last post, I wrote about the end-of-the-year cleaning inside and out, about letting go of the unwanted from our body, mind and our environment. This I’m sure is a process, rather than a one-time thing.

In the health-conscious circles, cleansing and detoxing seem to be in fashion. Although I think it’s important to fast and detox once in a while when we are too clogged up, it would be also senseless to be attached to cleansing or to not to participate in the not-so-clean world for fear of tainting your purity. I think the important thing is the ‘cycle’ of bringing in new energy, letting go of the old, and taking a good rest. For example, some people are addicted to colon irrigation, thinking they are cleansing. Instead, some of them are losing vital energy. In other words, they actually need adding instead of subtracting.

I say new energy, but it has always been with you, just hasn’t been accessible to your waking consciousness. One of the ways to access it is through the nighttime dreams. The new year’s dreams – dreams that you have around the new year and leaves you with impressions, are said to indicate your basic direction or energy for the whole year. If you remember your new year’s dream, here is one way to receive its message;

1) Close your eyes and remember the dream again, then pick one element of your dream that stands out, that feels rather mysterious, impressive, scary, or attractive.
It can be a character, action, incident, colour or atmosphere.

2) What is the ‘essence / basic energy’ of the element? If it’s a character, action or incident, express its energy with your hand, if it’s an image or a colour, try drawing a picture, to get to know the energy better.

Keep on extracting its essential quality until it doesn’t have negative judgment. (example; a monster chasing you –> power;
moving into a new house –> moving to a new phase in life; colour orange –> (for example) joy; a trip to Hawaii –> relaxation)

3) That’s the new energy that is available for you for the year 2012. Think how you would like to manifest or use it? As a reminder, try using the picture that’s similar to the dream image on the wall paper of your mobile (cell phone), or wear something with the same colour as the dream element.

May your year 2012 be full of joy and fulfillment!

December 16, 2011
16 Dec 2011

End of the year cleaning, inside and out

The end of the year is a season for a big house cleaning in Japan. Here, many people are starting to move toward the minimalist lifestyle. Things accumulate before we know it. Whether it’s physical objects, thoughts, life styles or behavioural patterns, it seems very important to consciously and constantly let go of what do not work for us in order to bring in new energy.

* Cleansing of our body;
Many of you may already know that cold symptoms such as runny nose, cough and fever are not necessarily bad in themselves but are the signs that your body is detoxing. I myself had a cold until 2 weeks ago and after I let it complete it with plenty of rest, liquid, and vegetable/fruit rich diet, my skin felt smoother and my body felt lighter.
It’s also the season of holiday feast. If you feel heavy and without appetite after the feast, try a half-day to a full day of apple cleanse, and you’ll be good to go

* Cleaning of our environment
Your living space is a part of you, like your skin. Are there anything that’s starting to feel heavy or old in your house? Maybe it’s time to throw away or change some things you have in your environment. 10 years ago, I was only wearing dark coloured clothes like black and brown. It was starting to feel heavy at one point, but I was too lazy to change it. You know what happened? On the way back from the U.S. to Japan one time, they lost my suitcase with most of my dark-coloured clothes in it, never to be found again, forcing me to change my entire wardrobe!  Of course I switched to more colourful clothes but this experience taught me to change things more consciously so that I don’t have to go through it in the hard way.

* Cleaning of our mind
I learned recently that fluid in our body carries emotional flow and memories, and we are letting them go when we sweat and cry, for example. It makes sense as we all know we feel better after we shed tears or exercise. I also learned that even good memories, if we hang on to it, makes our body and heart heavy and will lead us to depression. I suppose it means that we are not living in the here and now when we are nostalgic. My husband tells me that when he had a temporary amnesia after a concussion, his heart was feeling so light and free that he was cracking jokes for two days    Not hanging on to memories is a very powerful thing, I guess.
I was given a homework from my homeopathy teacher to let go of all the memories of the day and ‘die’ each night before I go to sleep. You can do this as emptying your head gradually as you breathe out.

… Thanks for reading the blog posts by Technosophics this year. I wish you all a wonderful year 2012!!

December 11, 2011
11 Dec 2011

Consciousness Technology

In our particular case, Consciousness Technology refers to the process of creating tools that interact with our consciousness, for the purpose of self exploration and self transformation.

It is technology, because it uses an algorithmic, methodic approach, and relies on a combination of hardware and software for practical implementation .

It resembles Art, because just like Art, it aims to inspire.

It is like Psychotherapy because it offers insights into the deeper aspects of our psyche, and supports self-development and self-transformation.

It is educational from two perspectives.
One, is that every time you interact with it, you learn something new about your self.
The other is that after a relatively short time of using it, even if you were to take away the technology, you  would still be able to use the algorithms which you more or less subconsciously “learned by doing” when you were exposed to it.

There are a few user requirements in order for the technology to be effective. They are:

  • love of truth, desire to explore and learn more about themselves
  • compassion for the self
  • humbleness and openness, i.e. lack of  know-it-all attitude
  • not trying to achieve some material gain from it
November 18, 2011
18 Nov 2011

Connecting with the earth

I just came back from an eight day trip to a country in the Middle East, where I was given an opportunity to offer seminars, as well as to visit a few places. Visiting the region was a totally new experience for me and I’d had no idea what the place looked like or felt like before I left UK.  It turned out that I had the most memorable time, and I came back inspired and fully replenished.

I noticed there was a totally different kind of energy there from what I’m used to. I felt a sense of strong vitality in the land, people and food in general. For example, everything I ate there felt not only delicious, but also rich and nurturing. With no food in the fridge after the trip, I went to a nearby cafe in London yesterday morning. Although the place boasts of offering some posh looking salads with a middle eastern twist, which I ordered, the lack of vital energy in their food compared to the ones that I had gotten used to eating for the past week was shocking. I also noticed that the people who were cooking and serving at the cafe looked not as friendly and a bit depressed, so I’m sure that also gets reflected in the energy of their food.

I also felt the people in the country — women, men, and children — are very warm and earthy. People who are familiar with the idea of chakra system would say they have very healthy base and sacral chakras. I don’t think it was only my projection. When I told the group I was teaching, “You guys are so earthy!”,  they answered in unison, ‘that’s right, we really value earthiness, we call it ‘(I’m afraid I can’t remember the word)’ here.” One person even told me, “I feel my feet are connected all the way down to the core of the earth.”
How many people in Japan or the West, I wondered, can consciously and congruently say “Yes, I’m connected to the earth”? I couldn’t help but feel a bit envious.

As we live a modern life, walking on the road covered with asphalt, being surrounded by things made with plastic and eating artificial foods, we are losing connection with the land and the sense that the earth is alive. In many myths, we find the theme of
‘death and rebirth’ with heroes going into the underworld and coming back up renewed. No matter how heavy, dark and difficult, going through the journey inside the earth gives our mind and body resilience and powerful transformation. Otherwise, any noble
ideas or so-called spiritual practices would be ‘ungrounded.’

As I study homeopathy, I notice that most of my body symptoms both past and present are related to the lack of minerals, which also means the lack of connection with the earth.
The trip to the country inspired me to bring more awareness to my connection to the earth by meditating on the sensation of my feet being rooted in the ground, going barefoot more(weather permitting), eating more mineral rich food, and of course, offering gratitude to the earth knowing also that I’m a part of it.

October 30, 2011
30 Oct 2011

Letter to your future self

A new interactive story-weaving demo is available on our site here.

September 19, 2011
19 Sep 2011

A change in perspective

You are more powerful, more capable and ingenious than you thought you are. All it takes for you to get in touch with your inner resources is a change in perspective.

Usually our best power is hidden in our ‘blind spot’, or the psychological ‘shadow’. One way to tap it is by trying our Ark Journey. After befriending the shadow, try to see where in your life you could use its power in a positive way.

September 14, 2011
14 Sep 2011

Dream-e @ Dream Cafe

We tried Dream-e, our dream interpretation app at the  London Dream Cafe Meetup today. It was a success. People were very happy, and the technology was able to guide them to find the meaning of their dreams. In one case it even captured something what we might have missed or overlooked. Good sign. Hopefully we will open it to beta-testing soon. For now it runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, with plans for  iOS (iphone, ipad) and Android versions in the future.

September 1, 2011
01 Sep 2011

Letting go of the old

We managed to get our boiler fixed finally yesterday after one month of having no hot water. On one hand, it’s terrible to have to bear with cold shower for a month, and it was, especially in those mornings when the temperature drop to less than 10 degrees (Celsius). On the other hand, we were actually lucky that it happened during the warmest month of the year.
Yet another thought that we had was that it is a reminder that we really have to deal with and let go of whatever is old and outdated, and it’s better to do it sooner than later (Really nice vintage antique stuff is a different story). The boiler that our landlady was holding on to for dear life was actually not even up to the current standard and had several problems in the past, had been told that it’s at its last breath. However, despite our plea to replace it, she just wanted to patch it up every time. By the time it really died, everyone including the landlady was on holiday so that it added to the inconvenience.

The problem, like a body symptom, is there for us to acknowledge that there is something to be looked at and dealt with, and if we just suppress it, it is due to erupt  in a more unpleasant way later.

Many people are now saying that the whole planet is going through a big shift and the time is accelerating. In a time like this, things that need changing and clearing out would come out on the surface more often and quicker than before. In such moment, you might feel that things have become worse for you, or you have regressed, but things will be much easier later if we just take a moment and work on it, and let go of something that doesn’t work for us anymore, whether it’s attitude toward ourselves or others, life style, belief systems, or old emotions. That’s based on my personal experience, although I’m still working
on it.

Also dreams are good indications — If you are having dreams about death of yourself or someone, pregnancy, or childbirth, there is a chance that something old is dying and something new is about to come up in you. Watch your dreams, body symptoms and daily occurrences that catch your attention!

August 2, 2011
02 Aug 2011

Technology with heart and mind

Instead of supporting companies to find ways to sell people more things they don’t need, why not support an informed population of individuals to find out who they are and what their life purpose is, and then support businesses to focus on creating the tools these individuals need to find out and to fulfill their life purpose.
This is what data mining and advanced pattern recognition and understanding technologies would be used for under this paradigm.

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