July 16, 2012
16 Jul 2012

Your Truth

Nobody can tell you the truth about yourself. But through exploratory interaction with technology such as ours, you may find cracks in the shell of untruth. This may open the way for looking at yourself, your life, work, and relationships from a more flexible perspective than you were used to. Eventually your truth will emerge from within, as this shell of untruth gets cracked open more and more until it falls out completely.

July 3, 2012
03 Jul 2012

DREAM-e 2.0 for iPhone and Android released

We did a major restructuring of the dialog and added a few new features.
Check it out on the download page:

June 26, 2012
26 Jun 2012

Remeber who you are – what does it mean?

wolfTo better understand the concept of know thyself, imagine a world, very much like ours, with the only difference being that nobody knows how to walk. Walking has not been invented yet, and everyone just crawls. People in this world have normal bodies like everyone else in the our world, but they have discovered and perfected crawling technology before figuring out how to naturally get on two feet and walk.
Therefore, in this technologically advanced civilization, from an early age, people are connected with advanced robotic devices that make them crawl around comfortably. All lifestyle, art and commerce are build around the fact that crawling is the only way to move around.
Imagine being born in this world. Now imagine that at some point – as a child – you tried to reach some object and ended up walking a few steps. Then, next day you took few more steps and so on to the point that you were getting quite good at it. But then your aberrant behavior would have been strongly discouraged by your parents and your peers, so eventually you’d forget all about it, especially after getting your crawling prosthetics.

In this metaphorical scenario, to learn more about who you really are and what your power is would mean to remember your walking experience as a child, to own it and to develop it into a full walking ability. This, in turn, will inspire others and possibly, if the world is ready, will lead to a change in the world.

Now try to expand the notion of walking to other things. Here are some examples, please feel free to add more. The list is infinite, and many unique abilities can emerge through combination of basic ones.

  • ability to recognize the truth instinctively, even when you don’t have the facts
  • healing abilities
  • a gift for making things happen, for making ideas manifest no matter how impossible they may seem initially
  • insight and perspective into very complex social or natural processes
  • a talent for cheering people up and seeing the best in everyone
  • telepathic abilities, being able to tune in in individual or collective streams of thought
  • ability to organize and create structures to support life processes
  • many, many others


May 20, 2012
20 May 2012

Our wolrdview, and the Wisdom of the Subconscious

It is not something you normally think of, but Science has came about because of human’s wonder and awe of nature. You can almost imagine one of our ancestors on a sea shore (or mountain ridge) watching transfixed the sun setting over the horizon and thinking ‘I want to know, to understand, to become a creator in this magnificent spectacle’.
Of course there will be those who say that it came out of the need to survive. Nothing could be further from truth. The scientists of even not so long ago, in the 18th and 19th century were calling themselves ‘natural philosophers’ and usually they were affluent enough not to have to work for a living. This gave them plenty of time to study nature and do what we now call ‘science’. The term scientist was used to designate a working class person and it was for those doing the lab assistant job.

Fast forward to the modern day… and the scientists are still here. But the natural philosophers (or “men and women of science” as they also called themselves)  seem to have become an endangered species. This may be because the financial and industrial interests who later started dictating what will be researched or not, have not been interested in the bigger picture and the good of all, but just their own. As such they only needed executors. Intelligence, but not wisdom.

A similar process has happened with the value system of our society, our education, and ultimately with ourselves. We became smarter, but not wiser. Wisdom, imagination, true creativity (as opposed to ‘commercial creativity’) has been relegated to the subconscious, taking a far second place to using our wit for the pursue of material wealth.
And where has this led us to? A world in crisis, a social system in agony, continuously trying to fix what can’t be fixed anymore.

The solution is simple. Let go of the old. Try to see the truth, the bigger picture.
The wisdom is there, in everyone of us, even though we forgot how to get in touch with it.

Going into the subconscious to reclaim our truth and our solutions for the future – can be difficult, but it is possible. All that is needed is honest intention, and being open to receive.

There are also many tools that can facilitate this process. Traditional tools like Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga, martial arts like Tai-Chi and Aikido, and others.
The tools we create at Technosophics use computer/mobile technology for this purpose, and do not require any difficult practice or special environment. They are for everyday people leading everyday lives.

  • DREAM-e works by supporting you to expand your awareness using the messages you receive in your dreams from your subconscious.
  • JOURN-e creates scenarios that facilitate a dialogue with your subconscious while awake.
  • SOUL-e works with everything that happens to you in your everyday life, like a wise mentor or guide, by tapping into the wisdom of your subconscious.


May 6, 2012
06 May 2012

Release of Dream-e 2.0 for Mac and PC

New in 2.0:

  • Restructured and improved A.I. dialogue
  • Quantified-self feature in the profile section. See the chart on the bottom. The bars show when you had dreams and how many. The shadow in the back is a suggested measure of ‘intensity’ of your dreaming life, based on your recorded dreams. You can zoom in and out with the mouse. Also if you hover over a bar, you will get a tool-tip telling you the dreams you had that day.

Download and enjoy. Donate. Send us your feedback.

May 3, 2012
03 May 2012

Dream-e in Top 5 – paid apps on Amazon / lifestyle category

Dream-e made it into the Top 5 – paid apps on, in the Lifestyle – category.

April 4, 2012
04 Apr 2012

Listening to your body and small voices

I was on my way home from a late night dinner with my friends while I was in Japan back in March. The train hit someone at a platform, and we were trapped in the train for about 40min until they sorted out the accident, the police arrived, etc.
It was hot and muggy inside the train and I was getting thirsty. I was also really regretting that I hadn’t hear ‘the little voice’ in me earlier that day. Before I left my work place to go to the dinner, I was pouring some water into my small water bottle. I only filled it half way, not wanting to carry a heavy bottle, thinking ‘I’ll be able to get some water at the restaurant, then I’ll be well on my way home .’

At that moment, a rather clear voice came into my ear, or so it felt like; ‘you might have an unexpected situation. Fill up the bottle!.’

The voice I heard was what is called ‘intuition’. These voices are trying to reach us all the time, but it gets muffled by the voice of the mind / reason (like it happened to me), or negative emotions such as fear. I knew about the importance of listening to such voices, but this little incident was a sign that I should be more serious about it.

Your body also holds wisdom and information that your mind cannot capture. For example, if you are not sure about a project, a place, or a person, try closing your eyes, make your mind blank for a moment, and pretend that your body is a pendulum. Notice the slightest tendency of your body. If it moves forward, it’s a Go. If it moves backwards as if retreating, it’s a No. You might also feel expansive or warm in your body if something is good for you, and when your body contracts or you feel a bit sick, you will know that it’s not good for you. Of course it’s up to you to also value your mind’s opinion and negotiate between the two.

Listening to the body in the end allowed me to come home safely after they finally let us out of the train — I had to make a couple of more choices rather quickly, as I missed the last train on my normal route.

What I experienced is not such a big thing compared to difficult situations people are experiencing nowadays. It’s as if we are constantly in the unknown and we cannot rely on the knowledge from the past so much anymore. In a way, the urban life has become like a life in a jungle. I’d say it’s worth it to start bringing awareness to our intuition and reviving and sharpening our ‘animal instinct’

March 21, 2012
21 Mar 2012

Announcing SOUL-e

  • For any technical support or public questions, please comment here.
  • If you have a private question, please use the Ask Question button on the bottom-right side of the page.


February 12, 2012
12 Feb 2012

DREAM-e v1.0 for iOS and Android has been released

We are happy to announce the release of DREAM-e our first iPhone and Android app using a new breed of A.I. technology.

Dream-e is a self-exploration, self-discovery, and self-empowerment tool which uses as catalyst both night time dreams and day time ‘dream-like’ experiences. (such as mysterious attractions, conflicts, relationship issues, fantasies, unexpected events, etc).

Check out our tutorials on YouTube, and these testimonials: review-1, review-2, review-3.

Be one of the first to experience a new kind of intelligent technology that combines psychology and artificial intelligence in order to transcend them both. Download available from these sites:

DREAM-e: smart dream analysis - Technosophics

If you don’t have a smart phone, a PC/Mac version is also available on the download page.

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February 10, 2012
10 Feb 2012

Entering a new phase

It is said that a big astrological event happened on Feb 4th this year, i.e. Neptune entered into Pisces.  I don’t know much about astrology unfortunately, but my understanding is that for the next 14 years, themes such as spirituality, dreams, healing of soul, art, religious feeling, etc. will be coming more and more to the foreground in our awareness.
Many of you may have already noticed this tendency in the past few years. My feeling is that we will see an increasing number of business organizations, individuals and groups that feature all kinds of ‘spiritual stuff’ of both good and poor qualities so that each of us need much discernment in order to sift through them.

One of my teachers, whom I regard as practicing ‘well-grounded spirituality’ said the other day something that left me with an impression. According to him, we are in a phase where we have to wrestle with all the seemingly negative things in ourselves, tasks we haven’t completed, emotions, our shadow parts, etc.; that going through such process may feel heavy and make us feel as though we’ve gone backwards on our spiritual paths. However, actually, working on such things as well as dealing with everyday tasks such as cleaning and cooking, ARE in fact spiritual. The last part actually reminded me of zen teaching that includes everyday chores as integral parts of its spiritual practice.

Speaking of shadow parts, for the past week, so many people around me have been telling me about nightmares and nightmarish experiences they’d had (actually almost on the same day) and wanted to know what they might mean. For almost all of them, one of the background messages of such dreams and experiences seemed to be ‘to get in touch with the power behind what they regard as something negative and scary, and to use it wisely.’ As we enter this new phase, you may find the messages and information that we need for our personal and spiritual growth are knocking on our doors louder than ever before through dreams, synchronicities and daily encounters. We are often afraid of what may be standing behind the door, but you may be in for a pleasant surprise when you actually open it.

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