February 21, 2016
21 Feb 2016

Founder of Technosophics featured in an independent film about the nature of reality

December 2, 2015
02 Dec 2015

Meritwork (beta) Walkthrough

Meritwork is a services marketplace, where you can find trusted service providers and potential clients. Why trusted? Because they are recommended by someone you know, either a friend, a former client or a former employer.  While you may not be able to charge your friends for your services, your second degree connections (your friend’s friends, or friends of your former clients) would be more than happy to pay for your services because you come recommended by someone they know. Same if you are looking for a provider. It is always easier when it is someone recommended by someone you know.Check it out at .

June 22, 2014
22 Jun 2014

On BBC Radio 3

Hitomi and I have been interviewed regarding dreams and their relationship with reality.
Our answers have been  featured on a Behind The Ears Programme for BBC Radio 3.

July 18, 2013
18 Jul 2013


Everyone is a genius at something. Everyone has a mix of abilities and perspectives on the world that is unique.
Like players in an orchestra, we are here to play in a great symphony.
What motivates us at Technosophics is to create technology to facilitate discovering and living this potential – to fall in love with our souls, again.

January 12, 2013
12 Jan 2013

On the frontpage of

qs-adiOur presentation at QS London show & tell made it to the QS frontpage on Jan 10th.
Many thanks to staff, and the QS London organizers.


December 13, 2012
13 Dec 2012

Dream Cafe – End of the year meetup

We are heading toward the end of the year and the beginning of a new. This time, we’ll try to find out what we need to let go of and what new energies are coming up for each of us by exploring dreams or dream-like life experiences. For those of you who are open to it, our popular Japanese oracle cards will also help add some insights.

Sharing dreams doesn’t necessarily mean you become fuzzy and dreamy. On the contrary, consciously exploring dreams (or day dreams, fantasies, synchronistic events and other experiences that catch your attention) allows us to be more awake and aware!

Participants who would like to share nighttime dreams or other interesting day time experiences will take turns, and will be supported by the group to find deeper meanings in them. There will be experienced dream workers who will offer expertise and facilitate the discussion.

Our method consists of a combination of depth psychology, intuitive tuning, as well as  divination tools that will be there to assist you with dream exploration.

The Meetup will be at a cozy a cafe near Piccadilly Circus.
No prior experience with dream work is necessary.

More information about the meetup here:

November 10, 2012
10 Nov 2012

Superheroes and superheroines: the secret identity

All throughout my life I have been able to look at people and see amazing and unique powers that they seem to be mostly unaware of, or they seem to be using them (or be used by them) in unconscious and distorted ways.
Almost everyone had a bit of unrecognized and alienated super-man or super-woman in themselves, almost tired of trying to come out, locked in the prison of a – more or less – dull but socially acceptable identity.

The conflict between the true self and social self is not something new in the world of psychology, but it is a most unknown topic to the public at large.
In ancient days, rites of passage were employed to awaken individuals to their true nature. This led to the death of the child identity, in order for the true self of an adult being to emerge.
In today’s consumer society we have many people going around with no clue of who they are, focused on protecting their infantile social self that never got a chance to develop and accommodate their true identity.
revealThis is why truly great people are a thing of the past, and instead we celebrate and worship the mediocrity of celebrity and politicians.

At the same time, everyone on this planet has the potential to be a great man or woman, including yourself. Yes, you! You have it in you and probably it has been crying to come out for a long time now.

October 2, 2012
02 Oct 2012

DREAM-e :: Free App of the Day on AMAZON

On  Tuesday, Oct 2nd, DREAM-e  was featured as FREE APP OF THE DAY, on the front page of the Amazon App Store for Android.
During this day we recorded over 35,000 downloads.

September 12, 2012
12 Sep 2012

World peace and reconciliation with one’s self

Kitten attacks mirrorAt the end of the day, there are no real enemies. Those who attack you, they do so because they see in you something that they have a hard time coming to terms with in themselves.
The same goes for you. You hate someone, because you feel they represent something you think it should not exist.
But most of the times, this is connected with something you fear to express or recognize in yourself.
Next time you feel really angry with someone, be it an individual, a culture or a nation, think about what is the energy they express that you do not feel comfortable with?
Could it be… being powerful? Being outspoken?  Being abundant? Or feeling free to do as you see fit regardless of what others think? Something else ?
In any case, one thing is for sure:
War in the world will only cease when we stop being at war with ourselves.

July 24, 2012
24 Jul 2012

Whot is your purpose in loife?

survivestyle5functionIn the Japanese comedy movie ‘Survive Style 5′, Vinnie Jones plays a psychotic hired killer. He tends to ask pretty much everyone he meets – including a piece of broccoli – one question: “Whot is your purpose in loife?”.
He really gets mad and violent when the answer does not reflect the truth of that person, and/or if that person is wasting their life away.

If you were confronted by this fictional character, knowing fully well that you have no control over what he may do next, and that you are already as good as dead, what would your answer be?


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